Qwant puts its index and algorithms to the test!

Get the best position on Qwant.com with a new domain name and win the contest. Qwant will test the robustness of its anti-spam methods through this competition and will keep improving the relevance of its results.

Keyword: qwanturank
From 2nd of December to 3rd of June 2020
50,000 euros of prizes

The qwanturank competition ended on June 3 and a bailiff's statement and verification was conducted.

Results of the Qwanturank competition:

  • 1st: qwanturank.ovh for the #1 prize of 20000 euros
  • 2nd: agenceqwanturank.fr for the #2 prize of 15000 euros
  • 3rd: qwanturank-derniers-premiers.com for the #3 prize of 8000 euros
  • 4th: qwanturank-seo.com for the #4 prize of 5000 euros
  • 5th: qwanturank-le-concours.com for the #5 prize of 2000 euros

The winners will be contacted by e-mail on Thursday, 18th of June in order to provide the information necessary to receiving their prize.

Extract from the rules

  • The site must be registered before the date of 02/03/2020
  • The site should be positioned at the highest level in the SERPs of the search engine qwant.com for the keyword "qwanturank"
  • The domain name must be purchased from the date of 12/02/2019 on WHOIS
  • The domain name must be new of any history on contents, registrations or backlinks
  • Exact match domain (EMD) accepted
  • The contest site must not contain any content: illegal, violent, pejorative, religious, pornographic, firearms, obscene, offensive, defamatory...
  • The winner will be announced 15 days after the end date of the contest

Read complete contest rules


Any person or company can participate in the contest, with one domain per participant.

Registration is closed

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